Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A new speech

Kids should get paid to go to school

DO you think kids should get paid to go school? Well as a kid I think we should get paid to go school. Keep on reading to find out more.

The first reason why I think as kids should get paid is because when visitor come they tell us to look our best for them and talk to them when they ask us a question, it’s so hard to read our story to them I’m sorry but it’s true.

My last of why kids should get paid is that we have lots responsibility in this school like giving out the milk, cleaning the staff room and all kinds of things that’s why I like kids should get paid.

So, WHat do you think should we get paid to go school? Well hopefully you agree with me on this.

This is my new speech of why kids should get paid to go school. We are also learing to write and deliver a speech that engages your audiences.

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  1. Hi Latu,

    Wow, what an interesting topic you have chosen for your speech writing class. I had never thought about the idea of paying children to go to school before, however, you have presented some interesting arguments in favour of the idea....

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